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Babes Trade Boyfriends in Fully-Clothed Piss-Soaked Fuck-Off!

2015 May 27
by Piss Drinking

fully clothed pissingfully clothed pissing

Here’s an amazing, fully-clothed sex setup featuring Tina Gabriel, Celine Noiret, and their two lucky boyfriends that takes place at a small mansion beside a hot marble-tiled pool, and which ends up with the babes completely covered in jizz and soaked in spray of piss. Wetter is always better for these fuck hungry Fully clothed pissing is what we’re all about – the name says it all!

Two Kinky Chicks Get Fucked and Covered in Piss!

2015 May 23
by Piss Drinking

piss pornpiss porn

Today’s lucky dude gets a double dose of both pussy and piss sex” href=””>piss sex scene! This weeks downpour begins when the girls get frisky and get peed on, which gets them wet in more ways than one. Drenched and dripping, these girls get all turned on and are soon begging to get fucked by our lucky main man, who’s rock hard and ready to ram it balls deep in these girls’ hungry holes. This forecast calls for a fuck storm, with plenty of cum and buckets of hot yellow golden showers!!!!! Hot, dirty sex from the one and only!

Auto Mechanic Pisses on Two Sluts

2015 May 19
by Piss Drinking


FULLY CLOTHED PISSING – Poor Sharka Blue and Tina Gabriel. These two young ladies are stranded on the side of the highway. Their car has broken down, they are miles away from their destination, and they just don’t know what to do. Thankfully, on their mobile phone they manage to get in touch with a local auto mechanic. Turns out that his garage is within walking distance. When they arrive there, the ladies are put off at first. They did not expect the mechanic to be so handsome. After he fixes their car, they decide to re-pay him by sucking his cock and allowing him to fuck them with a condom in several positions. If that’s not enough, the ladies also manage to spread quite a bit of piss around. When he is finished, he pulls out in time and squirts his cum all over their faces, adding yet another fluid to their piss-stained outfits. Sharka and Tina don’t need to take their clothes off to have a pissy good time!

Horny for Piss Sex

2015 May 15
by Piss Drinking


PISSING IN ACTION – This delicious pee segment features two blonde sweeties, Alexa Bold and Frederica Hill, who, in addition to loving sex, also have quite an appetite for piss. While they could just as well while away the night, pissing into each other’s mouths and eating each other’s pussies, Alexa’s boyfriend comes home and interrupts their wet action. Rather than banishing the beau, Alexa and Frederica invite him to join in. After all, both she of them were craving a little bit of dick – and this dude has much to offer. He takes turns fucking each of them while the other rains piss down on the fornicating couple. Then it’s his turn to pee in Frederica’s mouth. Alexa, jealous, grabs the pissing penis and drinks from it. Frederica even pisses in her friend’s handbag! While that sort of behavior would be considered offensive, among such horny bitches as these, it passes as a norm!

Porn Director Makes His First Golden Shower Sex Film

2015 May 10
by Piss Drinking


FULLY CLOTHED PISSING – George is an amateur porn film director. He wants to make his first sexy piss fetish movie with two girls – a little lezzie pee action. He went out of his way to construct a very special set for Tina Gabriel and Valentina Rossi, two beautiful dames who have agreed to participate in George’s little project. Not long before shooting starts, the girls determine that George is quite inexperienced. Rather than wait around to be directed, the ladies take their own initiative, performing an impromptu erotic dance for the horny wannabe director. The girls are not surprised when they figure out that he is masturbating while filming them – at which point they suggest that it might be more fun for him to be an actor rather than a director! Never one to say “no” to a golden shower opportunity, George sails right in to his first porno piss experience!