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Eurobabes Get Fucked Fully-Clothed in Silk and Satin, Then Drink Each Other’s Piss!

2015 July 5
by Piss Drinking

fully clothed pissingfully clothed pissing

A dildo salesman lucks out in today’s Fully-Clothed Pissing update when horny pee lover babes Alina and Noell stop by his sex toy shop. The Alina starts to rub herself with the dildo getting her pussy so wet it’s practically drooling with juice. Soon enough they’re on their knees, yanking his pants down to worship his cock– taking turns kissing and sucking his cock and balls. Then he bends Alina over the couch to fuck her hard from the back. While she’s getting fucked, her friend Noell plays with the biggest fattest purple dildo she can find then as she watches her friends’ pussy gets pounded, her friend tries out as many dildos as she can before he gets over to her and pulls her panties aside to drill her wet pussy hole each babe keeping on their clothes to get fucked hard til he blasts Noelle with a big hot sticky huge load of jism, which her friend sucks out of the fabric. Then both hotties take turns drinking his Golden showers for all at!!

Gym Trainer Gets Seduced by Two Chick in Silk and Satin, Fucks and Pisses on Them!

2015 June 30
by Piss Drinking

fully clothed pissingfully clothed pissing

Alexa Bold and Leony Aprill star in today’s awesome gym silk and satin! These chicks work really fucking hard to keep their bodies so nice and tight, and they like when guys appreciate it! Today they are taking tips from their trainer and soon enough he’s giving them more than just a tip, he’s giving them the whole fucking thing! He wastes no time in pulling aside the girls sexy silk dresses and going all the way down to pussy town, plowing and getting sucked like mad ’til he blows his white hot creamy load all over their silk clothes. From there it’s all about the golden showers – fresh, hot

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Babes Get Lost and Find Help From a Horny Homeowner!

2015 June 26
by Piss Drinking

Alexa and Goia were driving to a late-night silk and satin clothing fetish sex activities, plus a little kinky pee drinking at Fully Clothed Pissing!

Piss Threesome with Real Estate Agent!

2015 June 23
by Piss Drinking


FULLY CLOTHED PISSING – Frederica Hill is spending a few days in the city on business and needs to stay in an apartment. Ellen Peterson, who runs a suite of apartments for short-term lease, meets Frederica in the park, explaining to her that she has an apartment she just knows Frederica will love. And, what’s more, the apartment is right around the corner. What Ellen doesn’t know is that the apartment’s last tenant still hasn’t left. In fact, it appears that he had a big party there last night, because the flat is a complete mess – and he is still passed out in bed when they arrive. Ellen is pissed, naturally. She tells the guy to hurry up, get dressed, and leave. Then she apologizes to Frederica and heads off to the upstairs office, hoping to find a cleaning girl to get the flat ready for Frederica immediately. Frederica, who remains downstairs, finds herself unexpectedly turned on by the hungover dude. Her instincts tell her that he is probably very into kinky pee sex, so she decides to take the chance. And when Ellen comes back, she can’t help but join in on the wet and wild piss action!

Ram It Up My Pissing Pussy

2015 June 18
by Piss Drinking


PISSING IN ACTION – Gioia Biel looks great all dolled up in her winter fur coat. She comes in from the cold, down to the cellar restaurant of her good friend Frederica Hill. What starts out as a little lesbian twosome soon blossoms into a three-way, as Frederica’s man comes over. He has a huge piss fetish. There is nothing he loves more than peeing all over attractive fully clothed women. He proceeds to do just that. Turned on by his thick stream, Gioia asks Frederica’s permission to taste her boyfriend’s rod. Gioia sucks it for a few minutes, and then the dude turns her around and rams it right up her twat. The three while away the afternoon, pissing all over each other and trying out a delicious array of sexual positions. Then the ladies suck the sperm right out of this lucky guy’s cock!