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Big Bosses with Huge Piss Fetishes Dip Their Pens in the Company Ink!

2014 October 28
by Piss Drinking

fully clothed pissingfully clothed pissing

FULLY CLOTHED PISSING – Anabel’s a sexy silk and satin clad secretary, setting up the coffee for the upcoming meeting with the big bosses when her boss Larry comes in to make sure everything’s perfect, including Anabel’s body, He runs his hands all over her silk skirt and satin top and having a silk and satin fetish, it drives him with with desire. Anabel’s totally into it and starts grinding her perfect 10 ass up against his crotch, before getting on her knees to take out his engorged boner and suck on it, as the executive after executive filters in the other room, completely unaware of the fucking going on in the other room, until Francesca Felucci and her boss Thomas come in and catch the two in the act, but instead of join in, they start getting it on together as well, and soon it’s like a big fuck-off, who can get sucked and bang their babe better. Eventually the two guys switch babes and they bang them right on the table, fucking and sucking, and eating the chick’s gooey wet pussies til the guys blast the chicks with loads and load of sperm followed by a warm golden jet stream of piss , from deep down south!

Fully Clothed Pee Games

2014 October 24
by Piss Drinking

FULLY CLOTHED PISSING – Frederica and Christina are the owners of a brand new spa that will be having its grand opening the following day. Unfortunately, nobody checked to see if the water had the right amount of chlorine in it, as required by law. Now, it is too late – the health inspector is already here, and he thinks that there is not enough chlorine. Frederica and Christina promise him that the chlorine level will be properly adjusted – if only he could come the next day and inspect it, he will see that they have fulfilled their obligation. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have time to come the next day. What can they do? Well, the inspector has a couple things in mind. One of them is a free lifetime membership to the spa. Frederica and Christina, horny vixens that they are, offer him an even better treat – their hot tongues and wet pussies on his cock… and some nice pee games to top it all off.

Double Date Turns Into Wet Piss Fuck Orgy

2014 October 20
by Piss Drinking

PISSING IN ACTION – Sharka Blue and Christina Lee are having a romantic double date with their boyfriends – a date that soon turns hot and wet. Sharka is wearing a nice black silk nightie, while Christina Lee is decked out in a luxurious fur coat. After sucking their boyfriends off, the girls are anxious to find out what it would feel like to have hot piss sprayed all over their delicate clothing and skin. The guys oblige, spraying pee all over the women before fucking their by now wet pussies in multiple positions.

Gym Bunny Hits the Golden Showers after a Hard Workout!

2014 October 15
by Piss Drinking

pissing in actionpissing in action

Virus Vellons stretches after a nice long workout and is ready to hit the showers. But dressed in her track jacket and sleek green short shorts, she’s completely irresistible to any male with a pulse, which today happens to be trainer Tony, who watches her move for a while, then walks over to help her stretch, but can’t keep his hands off her. Touching her smooth toned bod gives tony an undeniable boner, which would have busted out of his pants, has he not whipped it out and stuck it up Virus’ shorts to feel the smooth fabric against his sensitive dick skin. Before he knows it, Tony starts pissing in Virus’ shorts– soaking them, as well as her thighs and pussy, with hot piss. Kinky as she is, this makes Virus even more wet in the crotch, and she goes down to suck on Tony’s huge rock hard golden showers all over her face, tits and pussy, which she fucking loves– rubbing it all over herself to make sure no square inch isn’t covered in Tony’s urine. Then it’s Virus’ turn. She pisses on Tony and he strokes off, then the two get back to the hardest, hottest, most

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Corporate Sluts Get Pissed on Fully Clothed by Their Boss’s Erect Cock

2014 October 12
by Piss Drinking

PISSING IN ACTION – These two corporate sluts clearly like it wet and wild. Today, Sharka Blue and Denisa Crimson are gonna get wetter than they ever have before. They start out by sucking their boss’s engorged cock. Once they get it good and hard, he pisses all over their silky corporate clothes and faces – with full hard-on! The ladies lap up his delicious cock fountain. Then he proceeds to stab their pussies one by one with his big fat meat sword. He fucks them so hard that they each cum three times, moaning in ecstatic pleasure all the while. They then satisfy each other’s thirst for more hot piss!