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Business Guy Fucks and Pisses on Fully Clothed Russian Babes!

2014 November 26
by Piss Drinking

fully clothed pissing

Leo is an ambitious businessman with no time for a wife. So when he needs to relax and let off a little….err…steam, he does what any single wealthy man would do: hires hookers. These two amazing Russian hotties in today’s updates were fresh in from Minsk and Leo has the unique opportunity to “break them in”, so to speak. He starts by making them feel each other, and seeing them grab at each other’s snatches makes him rock hard and ready to play. He whips out his fat meat rocket and the Eurobabes take turns trying to shove as much of his love down their throats as they can. Wet with spit and hard as a diamond, Leo takes his cock and takes turns spreading these Russian girls’ pussy lips so he can sink his dick deep in their warm wet pussy holes before cumming on them then fully-clothed sex and

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Pee Sex With English Teacher

2014 November 22
by Piss Drinking


FULLY CLOTHED PISSING – Sharka Blue and Johane Johansson take private English lessons together. Their teacher Patrik unfortunately misses the bus to their place. He calls and explains to them that he will be delayed. Meanwhile, they should begin and already be finished with the first lesson from the book by the time he arrives. Surprisingly, the vocabulary words in this chapter have a very strong erotic tinge to them. This effectively lights a horny fire in both Sharka and Johane, as they begin to physically explore the true meaning of the sexy English words. When Patrik finally arrives, he wonders just how his lesson could have led their tongues to each other’s pussies. To his surprise, he finds out that they used the wrong book. Now that he is aware that his private diary has opened up a whole new world to the girls, he can’t resist joining in on their horny learning adventure! By the time he’s done with them, they’ll both be soaked in piss and jizz, begging for more!

Babes with Piss Fetish Get a Lesson in Handling a Stick from Horny Pool Players!

2014 November 18
by Piss Drinking

fully clothed pissingfully clothed pissing

Valentina Rossi and Defrancesca Gallardo were having a tough time playing pool while two dudes sat in the corner admiring their, um, form, and laughing at how ridiculously bad they were. After a while, even the girls start laughing and the boys are ready to get a little closer and give them some pointers. Marty gets up to show Francesco shat she’s doing wrong and soon he’s ready to give her another pointer, the one in his pants. The girl feels his boner behind her and soon pulls his stick out and starts sucking on it. Before you know it, the girls have their pants ripped open and are taking the boys’ meaty cocks to the hilt, begging them to fuck them harder, while still keeping on their pretty silk and satin clothes. The babes get nailed hard before the guys unload a hot mess of jizz all over their faces and let it dribble down all over their satin blouses. Then after they’ve taken those load of jizz they take some more loads…of golden showers trickle down their bodies and soak through their expensive silk and satin ensembles. Fully Clothed Pissing!

Beautiful Babes Have Wild Kinky Watersports Sex in Expensive Silk and Satin!

2014 November 14
by Piss Drinking

fully clothed pissingfully clothed pissing

Tina Gabriel and her close friend Christina Lee get a whole lot closer during a double date party at Tina’s house, and after seeing how horny their silk and satin clothes are making their men, they both find themselves lying down and spreading wide. The two guys take out their cocks to get sucked by these sexy sheilas in silk and satin and soon pull their girls’ panties aside and fill their mouths and cunts with a couple of thick rods, not even bothering to strip the girls down while they do it. They fuck the babes like madmen, hammering away before blowing their wads all over the babe’s silk blouses, then to kink things up, they hose the chicks down with streams of lovely golden showers of hot urine. It’s all about the!

Kinky Lesbian Piss Sex with a Man Slave

2014 November 11
by Piss Drinking

PISSING IN ACTION – A pair of kinky lesbians has kidnapped a young man and taken them back to their home in order to transform him into their sex slave. They get him on the leather sofa chair and, after playfully smashing his cock through his pants with their high heels, remove the stiff member and begin to satisfy him orally. Leaving their clothes on, the girls take turns squatting over his bone stiff cock, sliding their panties over to expose their vaginal slit, and accepting them inside their warm moist confines. While one rides, the other sprays the copulating couple in a hot stream of piss. When the sex slave gets tired, they make him return the gesture, and he does – spraying both girls with piss. They get it all over their clothes, their hair – even in their mouths. As the afternoon wears on, there will be lots more golden shower fun. And when the man slave is ready to cum, the girls accept this alternate offering right in their mouths.