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Blonde Silk Sluts Demand Pee Job From Hung Bartender

2015 April 24
by Piss Drinking

FULLY CLOTHED PISSING – Denisa Crimson and DD, two sexy ladies dressed in silk, decide to go for a weekend in the country to get away from their husbands. Upon arrival, they find that their pension is closed. They go to the pub next door to find out what’s going on, and the bartender says he has the key. He leads the ladies upstairs to their room. Grateful, they invite him for a drink. He says he’ll go next door for a bottle. While he’s away, the Denisa and DD get so horny that they start having lezzie sex with each other right there on the bed. The bartender returns, takes his cock out, and proceeds to join in on the fully clothed fuck fest. After fucking them good and hard, they demand that he piss all over their nice silk blouses — and he does!

Dirty Three-way Piss Sex

2015 April 20
by Piss Drinking

PISSING IN ACTION – Valentina Rossi is a woman used to getting what she wants — not only in business, but in sex. As a matter of fact, she is expert at combining the two. In this scene, watch as Valentina proceeds to seduce two of her male colleauges without even trying. As soon as you lay eyes on this blonde beauty, you will understand why they are so eager to fuck her, to eat her pussy — and to let her piss all over them. In return, they drown her in their own urine and cum.

Lucky Guy Hitches a Ride To Piss Covered Eurobabe Town!

2015 April 16
by Piss Drinking

Celine Noiret Picks up unsuspecting young traveler JJ as he waits for a bus that isn’t coming. She promises a ride into town, as long as they can pick up her friend Valentina Rossi. JJ agrees and the two are on their way. When they stop at the house, JJ can’t believe how nice it is, as well as how hot his two new traveling companions are, in their sexy silk and satin outfits. He waits patiently for them to get ready. The two converse in Czech and we find out that Celine picked him up for one purpose only: to seduce the stranger into a hot threeway fuck session, where JJ gets to bury his meat needle into both their hot mouths and wet pussies while they keep on their silk and satin fineries. Later they all golden shower action!

Golden Shower Fun

2015 April 12
by Piss Drinking

FULLY CLOTHED PISSING – On a hot late autumn day, Virus Vellons takes a walk in the park. Owing to the warm weather, she takes off her jacket and accidentally drops her keys in the process. Lucky for her, a passing stockbroker, played by Jay Dee, spots the keys on the ground and chases after her. Virus is so pleased to see that there are still honest men out there. As a thank you gesture, she invites him home for a drink. But Virus plans to uncork a lot more than just a bottle of champagne… and Jay seems to get what she’s really after. Within minutes, he’s got his hands in his undies and is fingering her pussy, which is already wet with anticipation. She removes his cock from his pants and proceeds to blow him right there on the couch. Once he is stiff enough, she lifts up her skirt and sinks his dick all the way into her pussy. He fucks her in several positions before blowing his load all over her tummy. They take a short break and sip some more champagne. When Jay announces he has to go to take a piss, Virus suggests he do it all over her! She returns the favor by squatting over Jay’s nude body and squirting hot piss out of her vagina all over him.

Ladies Lure Lucky Guy in With Newspaper Ad, Then Have Fully Clothed Piss Fetish Sex!

2015 April 8
by Piss Drinking

FCP – Tina Gabriel and Rachel Evans put an ad in the local paper to find a new “roommate” to live with them in their huge luxurious mansion. However, the ad was expensive, and as the girls are arguing over whether or not it was worth it, they have their first applicant, JJ, who walks in and soon ends their worries when they see how hung he is, after he whips out his cock to kick off a threeway silk and satin fuckfest, where everyone’s too horny to get naked. Then once the fucking’s done, they get down with the golden showers hose off with some fresh hot

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