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Piss Fetishist Satisfies His Longings with Two Beautiful Sluts

2014 July 18
by Piss Drinking


FULLY CLOTHED PISSING – Bob is typical of the modern minded man of the 21st century, in that he lives a very sexually open relationship with his girlfriend Pepper. He knows how very much Pepper enjoys the process of seducing a beautiful woman – especially if that beautiful woman happens to be wearing a silky dress and enjoys getting pissed on (Pepper’s special fetish!) So when Pepper starts to get pissy with Frederica Hill, then Bob, who watches from a distance, is very satisfied. But Pepper has a lot more on her mind than just having Bob watch from a safe distance. She wants him to become physically involved. Thankfully, it turns out that Frederica Hill enjoys cock just as much as she digs pussy. Lucky Bob gets to enjoy fucking and peeing all over both women in this sizzling three-way that brings fully clothed pissing to a whole new level!

Three-way Piss Sex at the Warehouse

2014 July 13
by Piss Drinking

PISSING IN ACTION – A sexy blonde female and her male colleague are taking inventory of the carpet supply at the warehouse, when they are interrupted by their supervisor. Thankfully, this brunette vixen shares the same appetite for pee sex, and so it swiftly turns in to a three-way piss fuck session, which will leave all participants sopping wet by the end! Starring Tina Gabriel and Defrancesca Gallardo.

Hot Babes Drink Piss and Get Fucked Outdoors in the Hot Sun!

2014 July 9
by Piss Drinking

pissing in actionpissing in action

Hey Pissaholics!! This golden showers that once you see it, you’ll need to go to a meeting and say “Hi my name’s (your name) and I’m addicted… to PISS” href=””>PISS!!!!

CFNM Golden Shower Three-way Fuck Fest

2014 July 4
by Piss Drinking

PISSING IN ACTIONThis headshrink has a most unusual way of treating his patients! When a sexy young blonde lass named D.D. comes in complaining of too much stress in her life, she is asked to lie down, whereupon the doctor proceeds to hypnotize her. Once he’s got her in a trance, he has his luscious blonde assistant, played by Christina Lee, kneel over her, lift up her skirt, and piss all over the poor patient’s silky blouse! D.D. wakes up in a puddle of piss. The doctor re-enters and, feigning outrage, takes out his cock and pisses all over his assistant in mock revenge. By then, everyone is aroused, so it’s not long before much more piss fuck mayhem ensues, leaving both female participants drenched in steamy pee and cum!

Accountant Babes Go Wild Sucking, Getting Fucked and Pissed on in Office by Two Co-workers!

2014 June 30
by Piss Drinking

fully clothed pissingfully clothed pissing

You’ll rethink the stereotype that accountants are boring once you’ve seen today’s sexy update perfect for any silk and satin fetish fan, or just anyone who loves to see hot Eurobabes getting fucked. The scene starts off mundane enough, with Christina Lee Yenna, and Rocko doing a final run-through of the company tax forms when Francesca Felucci comes in with the big boss, Ted Hanson. Yenna hops up, anxious to show the boss their results, but Ted is anxious to show her something else entirely different and tosses aside the report and pulls his worker aside to ‘have a quick word with her’. At first they don’t realize what’s going on, but the frosted glass on the door isn’t hiding anything, and it soon becomes apparent to the rest of the group what’s going on and once they notice, they open the door and bust up the party. No one’s mad about what is going on, only that the rest of them have been left out and soon the dudes are getting sucked by the babes before sinking their dicks deep into each other in turn. Then once the dudes blast the babes with their loads, everyone takes turns golden shower heaven! That’s a little something we like to call Fully Clothed Pissing!