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Peeping Tom Gets To Join Two Lesbians, Fuck Them and Cover Them With Piss!

2015 March 30
by Piss Drinking

PIA – Pepper and Dora are hostesses in a swanky downtown restaurant, having a glass of wine after work. As they sip their wine, they get a little more cozy, and a lot more flirtatious and before you know it, the two are slipping off to the boss’ secret back bedroom to finish what they’ve started. The new cook Tony, sees whats going on and fallows to watch. The two babes, rubbing each other all over, through their satin blouses and sequined skirts, soon realize they’re being watched, and invite Tony to come over and join them. Not only that, but these kinky chicks want him to warm piss and shiny fabric cling to their bodies as they pound and piss like crazy, til Tony blows a huge load all over.

Babes in Expensive Silk Blouses Tie Up Unsuspecting Dude and Tease Him, Then Get Fucked and Drenched in Hot Piss Fetish Scene!

2015 March 26
by Piss Drinking

pissing in actionpissing in action

Eternally-horny babes Ellen Petersen and Winnie have pulled in yet another unsuspecting dude off the street with promises of wild kinky sex..and they’ve delivered. When he got back to their place they made him strip down, then tied him naked to a chair as they teased him with their high heels and shaved pussies and soon have him begging them to let him eat them out. Before they can give in, Ellen’s big black boyfriend comes home and demands to know what’s going on. The chicks don’t miss a beat, and are soon fondling him and rubbing up against his cock so that he forgets all about it and joins in the action. Soon their captive wriggles free and makes Winnie suck his cock while Ellen gets fucked by her man. Things then take a kinky turn when their ex-hostage pulls his cock out of Winnie’s mouth and lets a long hot yellow stream of silk blouse. Looks like these chicks aren’t just “down with the brown”, but with the yellow as well, and soon the babes are taking turns getting pissed on by both dudes, then spread their legs to shoot their own beautiful stream of natural champagne. It’s all about the piss fucking and the golden showers up in here!

Pool Cleaner Makes a Splash!

2015 March 21
by Piss Drinking

Madame Morgan Moore gets a drink from her housemaid Mia Hilton, and asks if Mia’s arranged for someone to clean her dirty pool. The maid confirm that a pool cleaner named Charlie is already hard at work. We then see Charlie, who gets a little too into his job and accidentally falls into the water, getting completely soaked. He goes into the house to ask Madame Morgan for a towel. As he undresses himself in front of her, she gets hungry for more and is soon swallowing his rock hard dick while ordering her maid to please and play with her pussy, kicking off a hot threeway clothed sex session great for those who love fully clothed sex and have clothing fetishes. If that isn’t enough for ya how about some golden showers and kinky

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Get Pissed

2015 March 16
by Piss Drinking


FULLY CLOTHED PISSING – Foxy ladies Roxyn and Frederica Hill love fashion, and they are eager to learn more about the upcoming fashion lines for next season. That is why they are on their way to see Bob, a well known fashion consultant, who invites only well connected VIPs to his house to present them with glimpses of the latest styles from all around the world. Besides all the beautiful dresses, the ladies are especially bowled over by some new luxury watches, which they offer to buy immediately. Unfortunately, the watches are just prototypes, which Bob will have to order first. But Roxyn and Frederica do not want to wait so long. Already horny from the feeling of those watches on their wrists, they soon come up with a very convincing offer for Bob if he will give them the watches immediately. But Bob takes their offer one step further, insisting on delivering a golden shower to the horny vixens — which they apparently don’t mind one bit!

Lucky Dude Gets Piss Threesome with Two Hot Sluts

2015 March 12
by Piss Drinking


PISSING IN ACTION – This dude’s lucky day has arrived. He and his girlfriend have always confided to one another their deepest, darkest sexual fantasies, you see. And today, she is going to help him fulfill not just one, but two of his sexiest dreams! One of them, most guys can relate to – it is simply to have another woman involved. There’s nothing like fucking two women at a time, or watching them make love to one another and having them invite you to join in. The other, kinkier fantasy will also come true – that is to have hot pee sex. He is always begging his girlfriend to piss on him and to let him piss all over her, but she has always refused. Today, she decided to invite her friend over, with the understanding that they would all three try it together. Thus, he gets to fuck and piss all over not just one, but two hot babes – and they’re going to piss all over him in return! Starring Michaela Marti and Kate.