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Frederica Hill Goes Wild for Piss Sex

2015 March 1
by Piss Drinking


PISSING IN ACTION – Frederica Hill plays a secretary who works for an auto mechanic. Today, she is showing the young trainee around the garage, when her ravenous instincts get the best of her and she seduces him in the garage, convincing him to piss all over her. When the boss comes back and walks into this messy scene, he is so pissed off – he wants to get pissed on! He dismisses the young man on the spot, telling him not to come back. Then, turned on by the sight of his sexy secretary, he takes his dick out and proceeds to reclaim what is rightfully his – he is the boss, after all, and only he will determine how much piss Frederica will take today before she can go home! Her clothes will be ruined by the end of it, but she doesn’t care. In fact, she wouldn’t have it any other way!

Cheating Husband Talks Wife into Watersports Silk and Satin Clothed Threeway!

2015 February 25
by Piss Drinking

fully clothed pissingfully clothed pissing

JJ sneaks up on Tina Gabriel as she waits for him in Riverside Park, explains he has a surprise for her, then takes her to a very nice restaurant and gives her a very expensive watch. As they get ready to order, Pepper enters behind them and starts yelling at JJ and Tina. Is she crazy some crazy chick or what? Get inside now to find out, and also find out how JJ gets the two babes: one enraged, the other perplexed, into a hot barely-clothed threesome, where he gets to pound both pussies til the cows come home in a scene perfectly geared towards anyone who has a silk fetish or pee drinking fetish! Golden showers are what we do at Fully Clothed Pissing!

Fully Clothed MFF Piss Sex Orgy

2015 February 21
by Piss Drinking

FULLY CLOTHED PISSING – Velvet and Roxyn are too sophisticated corporate ladies donned in black silk and satin. They decide to go for a little coffee break in the garden. They are soon joined by their male colleague. He has a release form he needs to go over with the ladies, but they have something else on their minds… It is not long before they have his cock out and are taking turns sucking it. He gets so turned on that he tears a hole through their panty hose and proceeds to fuck them fully clothed, one at a time. All that coffee really goes to the girls’ system, though, so after getting fucked, they take turns spraying each other – and their businessman – with hot stinky coffee piss – and he returns the favor.

Three Super Hot Chicks With Piss Fetish Have Watersports Sex with One Lucky Piss Loving Guy!

2015 February 17
by Piss Drinking

piss sex

Hey pissing in action” href=””>pissing in action update is flooded with so much of that wonderful hot golden bladder juice you’ll need a fucking snorkel to swim through it! Today’s menage a toilette, featuring Defrancesca Gallardo, Celine Noiret, Leony Aprill and one super lucky, super soaked dude is so chock full of that wet and wild piss action you’d be crazy to miss out! Get your

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Trio of Kinky Eurobabes and one Dude Fuck and Cover Each Other with Golden Showers of Hot Piss!

2015 February 14
by Piss Drinking

pissing in actionpissing in action

This is a dirty and delicious golden showers!? Things heat up fast when this guy jumps into the action, peeing into their shoes and soaking themselves to the bone. Nothing like hot pee drinkers who want to show off their skills on camera!