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Two Gorgeous Babes Fuck, Suck and Get Piss All Over Their Silk and Satin Clothes!

2014 December 17
by Piss Drinking

fully clothed pissingfully clothed pissing

Ellen Peterson has had a crush on her coworker Bertrand for months now, ever since she got her new job at Eromaxx Magazine. She can’t keep her eyes off him, and recently she’s taken to wearing sexy furs, silk and satin clothes in order to attract his attention. Bertrand’s just about to pack it up, and Ellen makes one last desperate attempt for attention. She starts rubbing her self all over her clothes than gentle slides her hands between her leg to softly play with her mound through her pantyhose She gets so into it, she doesn’t realize that her boss Francesca Felucci has just walked in and busted her diddling her skittle. When the silk and satin glad boss questions her about it, she explains that she was putting together the porn for the magazine and it got her all worked up. Soon the tow babes start rubbing and playing with each other, and Bertrand and Ivan, who are close by, watch this action, mouths drooling, and waste no time getting involved themselves. From then on it’s a fully-clothed sex filled foursome, with the chicks taking turns sucking and fucking both guys’ huge, stain-loving cock til the boys bang a hot load all over the chicks Then everyone gets hosed down by loads and loads and loads of golden showers here, but golden tropical storms!

Backyard Cookout Heats Up When Babes Slip Some Man Meat into their Pussies, While Staying Fully Clothed!

2014 December 13
by Piss Drinking

fully clothed pissing

A trio of hot Eurobabes, Pepper, Gioiabiel and Luciana, are chillin on the patio while their men grill up some tasty sausage, but the girls can’t wait for food and got a hunger for a different kind of meat. They strip the boys down and start sucking their cocks til the guys are hard as a charcoal briquette. Then the fully clothed chicks turn up the heat and slip those cocks deep inside their fire-red pussies. The guys take turns pounding the horny hotties till they put out their fire with a hose-load of hot sticky jizm! Then after they’re done, everyone relieves their full bladders of golden showers for all!

Two Debs, One Dick, and Lots of Piss

2014 December 9
by Piss Drinking

PISSING IN ACTION – Frederica Hill is over at her friend Winnie’s house waiting for her to come home. Her boyfriend comes out of the shower wearing nothing but a towel. Horny nymphomaniac that she is, Frederica teasingly gets him out of the towel and proceeds to suck his cock right there in the living room. In the midst of the action, she has a little accident on the floor – pissing right through her panty hose. The dude doesn’t seem to mind – he loves watching the pee shoot out of her stockings and even jerks off to it. At this point, Winnie arrives home. What are her best friend and boyfriend doing? Why is there pee all over the place? And how come no one has offered to piss on Winnie yet? Her boyfriend soon satiates her thirst – pissing all over Frederica’s ass while letting Winnie stick her tongue out for a drink. The three continue their fully clothed piss games until the boyfriend is ready to shoot another liquid out of his cock – this one is white, rather than yellow.

Pee for Three

2014 December 5
by Piss Drinking


PISSING IN ACTION – Jacinta and her husband Tom are at home having a relaxing Sunday afternoon drink. It is cold outside, so both are quite happy to remain indoors, and are simply enjoying themselves, when Jacinta hear a loud noise and a woman screaming. She looks out the window to find a sexy dark-haired babe has fallen in the snow right outside their house! She tells Tom, who encourages her to invite the babe in – especially when he sees how hot she is. In the bathroom, as Jacinta is cleaning the chick up, she gets rather horny. Before either knows what is happening, the two ladies have seduced each other. Once Tom joins in, with his insatiable piss fetish, all three are peeing all over each other in orgasmic delight. Starring Carol Sweet and Roxyn.

Piss All Over My Silk Blouse and I’ll Pee In Your Mouth

2014 December 1
by Piss Drinking

PISSING IN ACTION – Luciana and Velvet are two snazzy corporate dykes who also like dick – and all the various liquids that come out of it. They go to the home of their fat boss and are majorly turned on by the sight of his bearskin rug in front of the fireplace. The boss greets his lady visitors by spraying hot pee from his cock all over their expensive silk blouses. By the time this piss threesome finishes, all three participants – and the bearskin – will be drenched in liquid love. You only see piss scenes like this on Pissing in Action!